Consul general's BIOGRAPHY

Biography of MR. Hamid Nangialay Kabiri

DCM and Acting Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Bonn-Germany

Mr. Hamid Nangyalai Kabiri born in 1991 in Kabul is a committed public servant and diplomat who has served various governmental positions. He is one of Afghanistan’s distinguished faces in the field of Information and Technology pioneering several programs to help and empower good governance and the quality of public services. In March, 2019 he was appointed as DCM in Bonn- Germany where he is currently serving as DCM and Acting Counsel General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Bonn.
In all the government positions he has held, including four years in different portfolios at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and three years as Head of the Information and Technology department at MFA, Mr. Kabiri is credited and admired with major reforms and executing major digital initiatives to enhance the efficiency and delivery of services. Prior to his current position he has served as the head of MFA’s Information and Technology department where he pioneered and implemented many programs to solve challenges facing MFA’s IT & increased citizen expectation in the digital age
Mr. Kabiri’s leadership style and initiatives have expanded beyond the boundaries of traditional ways of being a public servant through which he has led many innovative and efficient projects at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that has had immense impact on multiple parts of the MFA.

As the head of Information and Technology at MFA, Mr. Kabiri brought immense reforms in the information and technology department to lead effective inter-agency connectivity leading to better decision making in matters related to foreign affairs. Since his first governmental position Mr. Kabiri has advanced through a series of promotions for his committed work and excellent organizational ethics.

Among his major achievements, he launched (Task Management, Online contact list Hos DB) programs to help government in terms of E- governance in order to accelerate IT innovation and strengthen the cybersecurity protocols. With all his achievements he has helped the MFA to improve the delivery and efficiency of services, interactions with citizens, more efficient administrative management and less corruption by using technological initiatives.

He holds a bachelor degree in computer science from Kabul university and many short- and medium-term courses related to cybersecurity, digital communication, leadership and management. Mr. Kabiri also participated in many regional and international conferences related to foreign affairs and cyber security. He speaks Dari, Pashto, Urdu and English.