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Confirmation of Identity

Confirmation of Identity

If you're an Afghan national residing in Germany and have been asked by the German authorities to confirm your Identity as an Afghan National, you can get National Identity Confmration from the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Bonn.
Please read the following information and instructions carefully:
Visit the Consulate General in-person during official working hours to obtain the Confirmation of Identity Document.
Proof of Afghanistan Citizenship from Next of Keen: Copy of the Next of Keen Tazkira, next of keen includes (Father, Brother, Uncle / Cousin).
Two recently taken passport-size photographs.
The Consulate General charges a fee of €70 Euro for the Confirmation of Identity, payable in cash or by debit card (with a 1-euro surcharge).
Fill out the Application Form online (found here) and submit it. You will receive an Application Code starting with TZxxxxxx. Save the code (take a screenshot) and present it along with the required documents at the Consulate General's counter (Confirmation of Identity Section) when you are called into the queue. The Consulate General staff will process and issue the Confirmation of Identity after initial document inspection and Consul Approval and Interview.

Important Note:

The Consulate General has photocopy and bio-metric photo (3x4) services and printing service. Please make sure to bring all required documents before visiting the consulate.

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